Our Innolabs

We’re open!

Welcome to INNOLAB Groningen. Our innolabs provide the physical connection between innovative companies and scientists of the northern knowledge institutes on Campus Groningen. INNOLAB Groningen offers expandable lab facilities, dedicated equipment, office space, meeting rooms, network events and access to excellent knowledge on Campus Groningen. The aim is to link research with entrepreneurs to strengthen the Innovative power for a competitive advantage of the region. Our Campus Groningen, where the innolabs are located, is a strong business environment. Not many places link state-of-the-art facilities with access to groundbreaking researchers, top-level education, future talent, innovative entrepreneurship, and accessible financing resources. Thanks to the great connections both inside and outside the region, new innovations that originate at Campus Groningen quickly find their way onto the market. How do we facilitate this? We have a business driven, open innovation formula we would like to introduce to you: INNOLAB Groningen. We will connect you to the right knowledge partner, we will give you access to the right landing spot, and we will give you tools grow your business. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and wishes, and we offer looking for suitable solutions on working closely together in our network of laboratory facilities. Please contact us and let’s start the Innolab expedition.

“Let's define the best match based on your wishes and needs. All INNOLABs are situated on campus, just steps away from each other.”