Meet the talent

For more than 400 years, the Northern Netherlands are known as a source of first-rate knowledge and expertise: Nobel Prize winners, the first female student and the first female teacher, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Central bank were all educated in the Northern Netherlands.

An important priority for Campus Groningen is to ensure that the Human Capital Agenda is aligned with the requirements of our knowledge intensive companies. A broad range of secondary vocational education, higher professional education and scientific educational programmes are offered at Campus Groningen. This provides opportunities for attracting motivated and well-educated staff and for further training of current staff.  We ensure that the various educational levels speak the same language and that the acquired skills are aligned. This is stimulated through joint projects where students from the different educational levels work together.

Win-win situation for business, students and institutes

At Campus Groningen businesses can come into direct contact with students by actively contributing to educational programmes. There are options to provide guest lectures, bring in case assignments, offer research internships, or support theses. Employees can also continue their learning journey by following relevant courses or taking part in open activities, such as lectures and conferences. These options for interaction create a win-win situation for businesses, students and institutes.

There is a good business climate in Groningen. And that is not only attributable to the university, but also to the companies and entrepreneurs that work so well in this town"

Drs. Neelie Kroes, ambassador StartUp Delta
Start-ups and scale-ups

Groningen is crammed with start-ups and scale-ups that are afforded all the room and opportunities they need, thanks to effective partnerships between public authorities, the business community, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen and other initiatives. This is proving successful: the Deloitte Fast50, a ranking of fastest growing technology companies, consists for 10% of businesses from Groningen, whilst the city only contains 1,2% of the Dutch population. This makes Groningen a City of Talent.