Part of the region

Building a regional chain with global impact

On campus we constantly identify new connections and establish new links with the objective of a smart start for achieving sustainable developments that have their impact on the regional economy. Impact is achieved at a global level through entrepreneurship, with internationally recognized research institutes and a powerful, open culture of collaboration.

Our INNOLABS are a crucial pillar in the regional innovation chain; they provide a popular landing spot to shape initial ideas. Working together with internationally recognized research institutes and world class SMEs on Campus will push innovation. Being part of this community gives you access to strong regional and (inter)national networks. You’ll find yourself in an entrepreneurial ecosystem where you’ll meet the right connections to facilitate growth. The interaction with the region has a necessary function for new ideas to smoothly mature from lab-scale to scale-up.

“INNOLAB will create a network for and by knowledge workers. Providing employment means keeping highly educated employees in the North. In addition, the network offers an opportunity to identify jobs for partners.”

Lab-scale on Campus, scale-up in the region

Looking more closely at – for example – the Chemistry and Agriculture chain; the interaction with the region turns out to be key. And good to mention; this works in both ways. The Chemport network has indicated that it is difficult to bring knowledge workers to the north-eastern part of Groningen. By building a “knowledge bridge” with the INNOLABS on Campus, companies can establish production in the Province, with a R&D hub on Campus. Through optimizing this chain, connecting the right organizations and initiatives, we will definitely boost the innovativeness of our region as a whole.