Flying start of new build Innovation Center Chemistry & Engineering on Campus Groningen with livestream

No champagne on the building site, but a livestream of the start of the construction of the new Innovation Center Chemistry & Engineering on Campus Groningen for the campus community and interested parties on Wednesday 28 October 2020. Corona forced to reduce the number of people on the site, but because of the livestream, about 125 people could join this festive event online. In the new Innovation Center a number of innovative and research oriented companies will move in: Cliq SwissDEMCONDucom and MercachemSyncom. The building will also provide room for startups and R&D because of the presence of two open innovation labs: Innolab Chemistry and Innolab Engineering.

Arrival by drone

After a drone had landed on the building site, Edward van der Meer, director Campus Groningen gave the opening speech. As a host, Annet de Vree, development manager of Triade, introduced the viewers to the representatives of the future renters and founding fathers of the building: Robert Hof of MercachemSyncom, Lars de Groot of DEMCOM, Deepak Halenahally Veeregowda of Ducom, Arjan van Veen and Dietmar Sondermann of Cliq Swiss and Corina Prent for Innolab. Dietmar Sondermann van Cliq Swiss: “We were already looking some time ago to expand in Groningen. The project now with Triade and all the other partners is a great opportunity for us to support our expansion and the industries we are supplying.”

Reinforcing innovation makes economy stronger

Representative IJzebrand Rijzebol of the province of Groningen and alderman Paul de Rook of the municipality of Groningen were present to do the official opening of the built. In the interview with them on the site, both stressed the importance of the new Innovation Center for the Campus and the region:  “We are very proud of this building that will become part of Campus Groningen and we are convinced that this innovation center will make a contribution to the innovative program that we have here in this region. We wish the initiators and everyone involved a lot of success: no doubt we will be hearing a lot from you in the future!”

The event ended with a digital tour through the building under direction of the architect Janpiet Nicolai of CODEX Architectuurstudio, designer of the new building. During a live Q&A, viewers could pose their questions about the new building to the architect and Biense Dijkstra of contructor Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma.

Development and planning

Investors in the new center are Triade Real Estate, the Rabobank, SNN, province of Groningen, RUG Holding, Investeringsfonds Groningen (directed by the NOM) and Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma. The new Innovation Center is the first project that is realised with the help of the recently launched Campus Community Fund.

The building measures ca. 5.000 m2 high-quality new construction in total. The building is gas-free of course and very sustainable in design. This is among other elements, due to the uses of air-sourced heat pumps, PV panels and a high grade climate shell. Design, development and construction byCODEX Architectuurstudio, constructor Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, ITBB, ingenieursbureau atb Wassenaar and Draaijer en partners. The completion of the new Innovation Center is planned towards the end of 2021.

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