The opening of the Chemistry & Engineering Innovation Centre brings the key to open innovation

From livestream to meeting face to face again at the rooftop of the impressive Innovation Centre Chemistry & Engineering at Campus Groningen. After multiple highlights such as the start of the construction and the opening of Space Work Cafe is, the new hotspot for innovation and cooperation officially opened on March 24th. The symbolic innovation key that gives access to new knowledge, collaborations, open innovation and new technology was handed over by IJzebrand Rijzebol (Province of Groningen) and Berndt Benjamins (Municipality of Groningen) to the residents of the Innovation Centre.

IJzebrand Rijzebol (deputy province of Groningen) is proud of the development: ‘One and a half year ago I was standing at the construction site and today I am present in this magnificent building. I can see with my own eyes how there is worked on the innovations of tomorrow at Campus Groningen. The centre for Chemistry and engineering marks Groningen on the map and stimulates meetings and new collaborations. I look forward to all the developments that will arise from this.’’

Proud companies

The proud residents (chemistry companies Symeres and Cliq Swiss Tech and engineering companies DEMCON and MOOHA) have, together with Innolab Chemistry & Engineering and Space Work Cafe received the innovation key. The innovation key is symbolic for (new) collaborations, access to knowledge & technology and the strengthening of the crossovers between the theme’s chemistry and engineering. Lars de Groot (Managing Director) from DEMCON Groningen explains: ‘’For companies is it at this moment and in the upcoming years very important to improve sustainability and circularity. Those are subjects where the crossover with chemistry and engineering is important. There must be thought about other materials, more recycling, and the connection of value chains. We are ready to take that challenge at this location due to the short communication lines and the motivation to work together.’’

Further development

Companies and start-ups can develop and share knowledge with each other thanks to the Innovation centre. Beside the facilitation from office and lab space, the building offers space to start-ups in the chemistry & engineering sector. The first start-ups – SG Papertronics and DeepAtlas – have established themselves in this Innolabs Chemistry & Engineering. The Innolabs encourage the collaborations between companies even more.

Edward van der Meer, director of Campus Groningen: “First of all, I am very proud of this development, because we can facilitate the further development of innovative companies and start-ups at Campus Groningen. We talk a lot about innovation today and I think that crossovers and collaboration is a very important factor for that innovation.”

Space to eat and meet

The opening took place on the 3rd floor of the Innovation Centre, where Space Work Cafe is also located. This cafe not only takes care of fresh sandwiches, juices, daily meals, and drinks, but also offers 32 flex-workspaces, 3 meeting rooms and 5 meeting pods for externals.

Alderman Berndt Benjamins (Municipality of Groningen): “This development is very important for the economy of Groningen. I know for sure that we are going to hear a lot more about the Innovation Centre and mostly from its companies.”